Specialty Trailer

Double R Trailers specializes in building custom use trailers for a multitude of applications. Contact us for a custom design and detailed quote. Our expert trailer specialists will help you design a trailer with optimal performance at the best price.

Product Specs

Industries Served

  • Federal, various state and local government agencies, including all branches of the Armed Forces, Bureau of Land Management, Department of Agriculture, Department of Corrections, Department of Transportation, ¬†Fish and Game, Idaho National Laboratory, Police Departments, Fire Departments, Parks and Recreation, Election Offices
  • Oil Field Services
  • Natural Gas Services
  • Fiber Optic Cable Industry
  • Special Event Media Industry
  • Rural Airports
  • Construction Industry
  • Health Care Services

List of Specialty Trailers

  • Fiber optic splicing trailer
  • Office trailer
  • Air traffic control trailer
  • Job site trailer
  • Sports medicine¬†trailer
  • Product display trailer
  • H.D. T.V. mobile superscreen trailer
  • Sports media trailer
  • Farrier trailer
  • Bathroom trailer
  • Rural wildland fire handwashing/beverage trailer
  • Elections/polling trailer
  • Airplane and helicopter hanger trailer
  • Mobile lab unit
  • Mobile command center trailer
  • Robotic bomb detection unit trailer
  • Gas fracking trailer
  • Merchandise trailer