Specialty Trailer

Double R Trailers specializes in building custom use trailers for a multitude of applications. Contact us for a custom design and detailed quote. Our expert trailer specialists will help you design a trailer with optimal performance at the best price.

Product Specs

Industries Served

  • Federal, various state and local government agencies, including all branches of the Armed Forces, Bureau of Land Management, Department of Agriculture, Department of Corrections, Department of Transportation,  Fish and Game, Idaho National Laboratory, Police Departments, Fire Departments, Parks and Recreation, Election Offices
  • Oil Field Services
  • Natural Gas Services
  • Fiber Optic Cable Industry
  • Special Event Media Industry
  • Rural Airports
  • Construction Industry
  • Health Care Services

List of Specialty Trailers

  • Fiber optic splicing trailer
  • Office trailer
  • Air traffic control trailer
  • Job site trailer
  • Sports medicine trailer
  • Product display trailer
  • H.D. T.V. mobile superscreen trailer
  • Sports media trailer
  • Farrier trailer
  • Bathroom trailer
  • Rural wildland fire handwashing/beverage trailer
  • Elections/polling trailer
  • Airplane and helicopter hanger trailer
  • Mobile lab unit
  • Mobile command center trailer
  • Robotic bomb detection unit trailer
  • Gas fracking trailer
  • Merchandise trailer
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